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Honeoye Falls-Lima Sports

Drills & Skills

Established in 2008, the “DRILLS AND SKILLS” program is for new four year olds.  New players will learn the basic skills for baseball – hitting, fielding, throwing and running. The emphasis will be on having fun while getting ready to “hit the ground running” when they turn 5 and enter the T-Ball league.

We have learned that the development differential between 4 and 6 year olds is very significant.  "Drills & Skills" will provide a better experience for our 4 year olds and give them an early strong foundation.  Having the 4 year olds play as a group will be much safer and will also improve the T-Ball experience for our 5 and 6 year olds who have progressed physically.

Our league has experienced a recent trend of players wanting to play in the league above their normal age group. We expect that the addition of “Drills & Skills” will result in most players staying in their age appropriate league rather than registering to play “up”. This will raise the level of play in each league, providing opportunities to hone skills while having fun.


Drills & Skills is run as a clinic-style activity with the kids rotating through stations.  Players are assigned to "teams" but only to help move players between stations.

  • The Drills & Skills program will start opening weekend (typically the last Saturday in April or the first Saturday in May) around mid-day and meet for six Saturdays (no session on Memorial Day weekend)
  • Each session will last 45 minutes
  • All parents are welcome to volunteer and help with the stations.
  • We plan to make activities as fun as possible and weave in a little instruction regarding hitting, throwing, fielding and running the bases.
  • Each child should bring a baseball glove and sneakers to each session.  We will supply bats, balls, helmets, and batting tees.
  • Each child will receive a t-shirt and hat the first day.